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Our unique services provide a combination of innovative and emerging technologies to address the current cyber threat landscape.

By focusing on data security, managed endpoint protection, and advanced threat protection through deception technology, we aim to help organisations mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks and enhance their overall cybersecurity posture.

Data Security 

Managed Endpoint Protection 

Deception and Data Science

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Our Unique Cyber Services

Data Security

ShardSecure is an innovative data security solution that is changing the nature of data security with technology that goes far beyond encryption.


Their “Microshard™ technology” is a new and unique way for organisations to protect their data in transit and at rest, eliminating data sensitivity, to ensure total privacy for cloud-stored or on-prem data while improving cloud performance and lowering storage costs. The technology shreds, mixes and distributes data so it is it incomplete and unreadable, while ensuring high availability, disaster recovery and security.


ShardSecure strengths are in:

  • Optimisation of cloud storage with significant cost savings in the cloud.
  • Agentless protection for unstructured data.
  • Real-time cloud ransomware prevention and normal ransomware mitigation with robust data resilience.
  • Cross border data protection and compliance with GDPR / Schrems II, Cloud Act protection.
  • Data security for application engineering.
  • Secure cold storage migration. 

Here is a 2 minute overview on ShardSecures technology, what is does and how it helps you:


Managed Endpoint

Protection Service

SentinelOne is Redefining Cybersecurity by Pushing the Boundaries of Autonomous Technology.

In the battle against ever-evolving cyber threats, organisations need to act faster and smarter than what’s possible with human-powered technology.

SentinelOne is autonomous cybersecurity purpose built to prevent tomorrow's threats.

Their Singularity™️ XDR Platform encompasses AI-powered prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices.

Empowering modern enterprises to defend faster, at greater scale, and with higher accuracy across their entire attack surface with realtime autonomous protection.

SentinelOne are redefining cybersecurity by pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology.

Here is a 2 minute overview:


Cyber Deception

Acalvio is a leader in Deception Technology for Advanced Threat Protection.

With over 25 issued patents, Acalvio has integrated Deception technology with advanced AI ML to provide autonomous deception solution that is effective, easy to use and can be deployed at enterprise-scale with minimal overhead. 

Acalvio ShadowPlex reduces attacker dwell time by early detection of advanced threats and increases SOC efficiency by sophisticated investigation and active threat-hunting capabilities. Extensive partner integrations allow ShadowPlex to leverage customer’s ecosystem for rapid and comprehensive threat containment.

Deploying the most comprehensive  palette of deceptions: baits, lures, breadcrumbs, honeytokens and decoys. 

Acalvio's Active Defencse Platform comprises of three modules:

Identity Protection - provides unprecendented visibilty to the attack surfaces on endpoint, Ad and network.

Advanced Threat Defense - combines breakthrough Decpetion Technology Technology with Advanced AI for early detection of cyber threats with precision and speed.

Threat Hunting - unique set of threat investigation capabilities that leverage cyber deception for rapid threat investigation and improved SOC efficiency.

Here is a 3 minute overview on Acalvio 

ShadowPlex Cyber Deception for the Cloud:

About Us

Our depth and breadth of experience enables us to deliver high quality assignments that both identify all areas of your IT security posture, whilst also providing appropriate remediation and recommendations that move you up the security maturity curve.

We spend every day helping make our clients’ infrastructure, applications and data more secure through innovative security technologies together with a range of complimenatary cyber services that help drive ‘Continuous Security Improvement’ for your business.


“Bringing innovative security products to the market ahead of the typical business curve. Our unique security stack mitigates a lot of the typical issues an organisation faces. Through our multi-layered tactical approach.

Gartner Cool Quadrant.” 

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